Precision-Spray, zero-waste textile finishing


As consumers and brands push for more sustainable products and ever-increasing legislation that mandates environmentally friendly production, it’s essential for textile manufacturers to provide solutions. 

Baldwin Technolgy’s TexCoat™ non-contact textile system for finishing and remoistening delivers zero chemistry waste and minimized water and energy consumption. In contrast to traditional padding of chemistry onto fabrics, the system uses precision spray technology, significantly reducing chemistry consumption. 

The latest generation, TexCoat™ G4, sprays the exact amount of chemistry required for reaching specific performance characteristics of the fabric, consistently and uniformly across the textile surface and applies it only where it is needed on one or both sides of the fabric.

Since only the necessary amount of chemistry is applied, the wet pick-up levels are reduced by up to 50% compared to conventional finishing methods, leading to 50% decreased water consumption as well as 50% less energy due to lower drying temperatures and increased speed. The low wet pick-up rate together with the single-side spray application can eliminate entire process steps for many fabrics and textiles. 

Additionally, a time-saving, sustainable textile finishing process that reduces consumption of water, chemistry and energy naturally leads to more profitable production and fast return on investment for textile manufacturers.  Automated clean cycles and tool-free nozzle exchange make for quick and easy service.