Fil Control

Online Control of the Yarn Tension with an Affordable Price


mytFil Control is well-known for his expertise in yarn sensors and electronic devices. With facilities in France and China, the company is able to answer to the global market, close to its main customers.

This year, Fil Control is entering in the industrialization step of the new MYT Sensor. It is answering a growing demand of assembling and twisting end users and, of course, machine builders: the online control of the yarn tension with an affordable price. With this new sensor, Fil Control is reinforcing its position of technology development leader in the yarn sensor field. The biggest brands of tyre yarn twisting machinery builders are already analyzing the MYT full possibilities, before the integration on their own machines. The MYT is suitable for high count and high tensioned yarns (500g to 5000g), the next coming step will be to adapt this technology to answer to lower tension demands.