Euratex organizes the International Conference “Textile and Clothing World Markets”


euratexEURATEX is the European Apparel and Textile Confederation representing the interests at the level of the EU institutions of the European textile and clothing industries as a whole. Eurotex is organizing an International Conference, titled “Textile and Clothing World Markets – Free Trade and International Agreements”, that will take place next June 5th, 2014, in Brussels (Belgium). Through the intervention of reputed guest-speakers, the conference will go through important topics such as the changes in international trade in textile and clothing since the start of the century, the EU trade policy and how to improve access to worldwide markets, the WTO’s role in a world of raising FTAs and the key factors of the industrial policy supporting the FTAs development to take advantage of the opportunities. Interventions and testimonies from selected speakers from Korea, Turkey, Africa, are also previewed. No participation fee is needed but registration is requested. Full program and more information at: