Shima Seiki

Knitting technologies for technical textiles

Shima Seiki

Shima SeikiThe latest technological contributions of Shima Seiki to the field of technical textiles are represented by SRY123LP and the new version of SDS-ONE APEX3 3D.

SRY123LP is a computerized knitting machine that features loop presser beds mounted a top conventional needle beds, that provide improved control over press down of individual loops. This presents unprecedented capability especially with partial knitting patterns and inlay patterns. Inlay fabric is produced by inserting yarn into existing knit fabric in a weave fashion, opening opportunities for expansion into markets for wovens. Inlay also suppresses typical stretch characteristics of knitted fabrics, and since new materials such as metallic and monofilament yarns can be used for inlay structures, new applications in industrial textiles are realized.

The Japanese company is also the pioneer in complete garment manufacturing technology, called WholeGarment®, capable of producing knitted items in their entirely on the machine, allowing 3D forms and tubing to be produced without sewing.

With the latest version of SDS-ONE APEX3 3D design system one can design and simulate various technical textiles.

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