Schoeller Technologies

Antimicrobial fabrics help hospital care


fluid-repel_largeVestagen Technical Textiles Inc., the company that in 2014 obtained rights to patented textile technologies by Schoeller Technologies to develop Vestex®, an active barrier protective fabric that prevents or reduces acquisition and retention of microbes and other contaminants, has recently launched specially designed scrubs for operating room staff. The new operating room scrubs joined a full line of protective healthcare worker lab coats and scrubs under the myGuardian™ brand. Vestagen also offers an innovative patient apparel line called myComfort™ that combines the technical Vestex protective properties with design features that also fully protect patient dignity. Healthcare lab coats, scrubs and patient gowns made with Vestex fabric are proven in a hospital setting1 to reduce the acquisition and retention of contaminants on the fabric.

With the help of an innovative fluid barrier by Schoeller Technologies that is bound to individual fibres and is incorporated into the structure of Vestex, the fabric becomes durable and highly repellent to the most common body fluids, water, oil and dirt encountered by healthcare workers. Another Schoeller technology wicks away moisture from inside the fabric and promotes evaporation, enhancing wearer comfort. Furthermore, high repellency and moisture absorption are ideally used in combination with Vestagen’s embedded antimicrobial technology, which is effective against a broad spectrum of organisms. Several hospital systems in the US has already converted their staff to protective uniforms with Vestex active barrier textile technology. In addition, it has recently become the only Active Barrier Apparel to earn the exclusive endorsement from the American Hospital Association (AHA).