For over 40 years IMA has been using its own technologies and expertise to propose integrated software solutions and automated hardware solutions that perfectly meet the philosophy of Industry 4.0 of automated and interconnected production, facilitating the digital transformation of companies all over the world in Fashion, but also in other sectors such as Furniture or Automotive.

The aspect of organization and integrated management in the Cutting Room has always played a primary role in IMA’s vision and today, more than ever, its importance and necessity are recognized. For this reason the company has always been very committed and dedicated to in-house software development to make a difference and propose cutting-edge solutions.

Advanced Machine Interface by IMA SpA

AMI stands for Advanced Machine Interface: it is the latest HMI entirely developed by the IMA Software Department and will be installed exclusively on the new generation of IMA cutting machines that will be introduced on the market in the next months.

Here below some of the main features of latest IMA software:

  • fully customizable graphic interface, to give each operator the proper tools;
  • a unique application for ISO file processing and cutting machine control;
  • different access levels for better access to machine parameters and cutting profiles;
  • advanced sharpening criteria;
  • massive use of Microsoft SQL Server database for data archiving and report consultation;
  • dynamic translation of the cutting window, based on vacuum efficiency;
  • continuous cutting during cutting window translation;
  • ISO files editing at runtime; the changes are automatically applied to the remaining pieces;
  • improved diagnostics and error reporting.