Groz-Beckert Takes Over Global Carding Activities of Bekaert Group


grozEffective May 2015, Groz-Beckert acquired the worldwide carding activities of the Belgian Bekaert Group. The takeover includes some 350 employees and production sites in Belgium, India, China, and the USA as well as the global sales and service network.
Within the Groz-Beckert organization, the products and services form a new area called Carding. It is a complement to the company’s present product divisions: Knitting, Weaving, Felting, Tufting und Sewing.
The acquisition is an opportunity for Groz-Beckert to enter the market of the spinning industry. In addition, it allows the group to offer a comprehensive service portfolio from one source to the carding industry: The range extends from consulting, product recommendation and the entire product range through mounting service and roller repair to start-up service.
Since 1980 Groz-Beckert has supplied the nonwovens industry with felting and structuring needles as well as jet strips for water entanglement. Also with the service for metallic card clothing the company has several years of experience. Therefore, the new products and services ideally complement the existing portfolio, generating synergies and development possibilities for the future.
At the ITMA Europe 2015, taking place from 12 – 19 November in Milan/Italy, the new division will be represented at the Groz-Beckert group booth for the first time.