From the Traditional Industry to Technical Textiles


Staubli UNIVAL 100 Jacquard machineTechnical textiles have become firmly established in a wide range of industries and new applications are constantly being found in many other industries. R&D departments are searching for advanced and unique component properties that offer multiple advantages, pushing the limits further and further.

With over a century of experience in the traditional textile industry, Stäubli is a leading global supplier of shedding systems for weaving machines, weaving preparation systems and complete weaving systems. Constant research and development are the basis for continued perfecting of the high-performance machinery.

The servo-driven single-end-control Jacquard machine UNIVAL 100 offers an expanded range of benefits for producing sophisticated technical textiles such as automotive and aeronautic textiles, technical textiles in the sports, industrial, medical sectors, and new fabric constructions, even with glass fibre, carbon, and Kevlar. With its unique individual servo-driven thread control, this machine allows the manufacturing of fabrics with previously unimaginable properties. By testing and optimizing the wide variety of parameters, weavers can produce fabrics that meet the full range of specified requirements.

The MAGMA T12 is a warp tying machine for technical yarn ties monofilaments, coarse multi-filaments, PP ribbons, bast fibres, coarse staple fibres, and many other fibre types. It has been developed for universal application, handling the range from coarse technical yarns to medium yarn-count range. Its rigid design includes an optical double-end detection system, ensuring a high-quality warp tying process, essential to the quality of the end product.