Battistella B.G. S.r.l. with more than 40 years of experience, today is an important reality not just in the ironing sector but in the sanitizing one as well.

Gea, Battistella’s sanitizing cabin, was built to sanitize a multitude of objects, especially helmets and shoes, but also mattresses, couches, armchairs, carpets, moquettes, car interiors.

Ozone sanitizing process

Using ozone, Gea is able to ensure an effective sanitizing action and the elimination of bacteria, allergens, smoke and other agents that cause bad smells. The ozone being heavier than air, the machine penetrates deep inside the fibers of any textile fabric.

The ozone sanitizing system is a completely ecologic cleaning method and it doesn’t leave any chemical residue.

Gea: technical features

To work, Gea just needs to be plugged in. Battistella’s sanitizing cabin is perfect for a self-service laundry, for it can be connected to a centralized cash or it can have a built-in coin mechanism.

In addition, Gea offers the possibility to choose three work programs with pre-set timing and it presents long lasting and high efficiency lamps which ensure constant sanitizing, lamp breakdown warning, acoustic and visual warning of end cycle, safety block for door opening, shelves adjustable in height and a small display for the visualization of the machine’s status.

The sanitizing cabin has no active carbon filter.