Double Correction, Ultimate Control


biancoThe Bianco Kombi weftstraightener is the result of Bianco’s forty years technical experience in the correction of weaving distortions and it is ideal for the processing of both dry or wet woven and knitted fabrics. Thanks to the action of the pin wheel unit it is possible to correct diagonal and especially skew distortions. Fabrics processed in such way will be easily pulled through by the rollers of an optical weftstraightener making it possible to achieve a final correction of both weft and also residual diagonal distortions. The optical weftstraightener can be used on its own for fabric distortions which do not need the correction on the Pin Wheel unit. This machine is compact, fully automatic and user-friendly. The setting of drive and tension parameters allow the correction of a wide range of fabrics, from the most lightweight delicate to the heaviest wovens. Thanks to its wide versatility, Bianco Kombi represents the optimal solution for many processing lines as well as stand-alone preparation and straightening units.