Fashion without fabric would not be fashion


First of all textile companies, but even cool hunters and designers can reflect upon it, as creators of Beauty. The Directions have changed from being prevalently technical information to guided suggestions capable of stimulating the imagination of all operators in the sector.

Collective awareness has attracted more attention towards fabrics, the semi-finished product that a short time ago was overlooked and taken for granted. For Italians, the trademark of the finished garment was a guarantee. Textiles were an anonymous ingredient of fashion but they have always been King. Especially Italian textiles. Today, we are all aware of this, so much that new markets like China have become one of the leading outlets for Italian fabrics. For “educational” reasons aimed at creating maximum awareness in public opinion, Milano Unica has committed itself to exhibiting fabrics to clients based on one elementary principle: fashion without fabric would not be fashion.

Pragmatically speaking, for Beauty to save the world, our industry must concentrate on renewing aesthetics to achieve the main concept of this edition: total attraction. Therefore, two themes are proposed Aristocratic Trait and Barbarian Charm. This edition focuses on: Puffy effects with matelassé, quilting, embossing; fuzzy surfaces: plush, velvet, eco-furs, pile; glazed, oxidized metallic luminosity; artistic disarray with prints and jacquards; revitalized historic heritage décor; accessories with material experimentation and sense of detail.