Fadis is synonymous with precision winding machines and it is owned by the same family since its establishment in 1960. The company is specialized in the production of soft winders, rewinders, assembly winders, hank to cone winders, reeling machines, spooling and cops winders, intermingling and air texturizing machines for the processing of any kind of yarn, from cotton, wool and silk to artificial and synthetic fibres, mixed fibres, intermingled yarns and fancy yarns.

Sincro Multipla Aquajet by Fadis

The last machine born is the Sincro Multipla Aquajet air texturing machine.

This machine model is perfectly combining the main features that are characterizing every Fadis product: flexibility, easy handling and quality of the yarn.

Starting from Sincro Multipla Aquajet, and thanks to Fadis’ “open platform” building concept, the company entered in the world of air texturing in the “ Fadis way”, as the idea is to give each customer the machine he really needs, with the possibility to modify it at any time new markets demands arise.

Starting from FDY- FOY yarns, either PA or PES or PP, any combination can be created, also with elastane component, for different end uses such as active wear, sportswear, underwear, knitted fabrics, carpet backing, outdoor and upholstery.

The yarn path angle

A uniqueness of the Sincro Multipla Aquajet is the presence of an on-line tension sensor placed before the take up that assures a constant, automatic control and adjustment of the take-up tension, without any intervention of the operator: this is very important for a better performance of the bobbin in the next production step and essential for the proper preparation of soft packages, very often required.

A very delicate aspect to consider in the air texturing process is the yarn path angle, as it greatly affects the yarn quality. The Sincro Multipla Aquajet has therefore been studied in a way to allow the core and the effect yarns entering in the air texturing “wet box” without any angle, to guarantee a perfect air texturing result and consequent higher yarn quality. There is the same straight path between the air texturizing jet box and the master roller and between the master roller and the drawing/stabilizing roller.


Depending on numbers of plies to be intermingled and feed bobbin size, the machine can be supplied either with upper creel or with a separate creel with same “Tens Control™” on-line tension device used to control the take up bobbin tension.

Looking more in detail to the various possible machine configurations, Fadis has foreseen 5 different machine versions. Obviously, since each overfeed motor and spindle are independent, it is possible to tailor its proper machine version from 2 rollers up to 5 rollers independently, spindle by spindle.