Nowadays, sustainability is a very topical issue: more and more companies are transforming their processes to reduce global pollution, to become environmentally friendly.

In the Textile Industry it is possible to produce green: thanks to an innovative machinery with reliable and real-time controls, it is possible to reach important goals, whit faster and higher quality productions.

Sfera Plus is the proposal of ETV – Elettronica Tessile Varese to improve the sustainability.

The modular system Sfera Plus

The modular system Sfera Plus is a solution for the drying and finishing process: it allows to know on real time the exact residual moisture percentage in the fabric (HYGROBOX-e), or the exact temperature of the fabric (THERMOCONTROL), or to control the absolute humidity in the air for the removal of exhaust fumes (HYGROAIR), and meanwhile to automatically adjust each working process.

The technologically advanced devices from ETV guarantee several advantages:

  • energy savings;
  • production waste reduction;
  • elimination of reprocessing;
  • collection and storage of the production data;
  • versatility and optimization of the production flows.

The installation of Sfera Plus on stenters or dryers is very easy, and it requires only minimal maintenance.