Every year, the International Woolmark Prize celebrates outstanding fashion talents from across the globe who showcase the beauty and versatility of Australian Merino wool.

The 2022 edition, hold in London on April 26th, crowned the designer Saul Nash, who was praised for his modern use of Merino wool, bridging a gap between active solutions and more formal requirements.

Everyone did a great job and could have been a winner, but what Saul did, coming from a ballet background to replace lycra with wool was really incredible.Riccardo Tisci, one of the jury members

With a true sense of discovery, this collection exposed Nash to the benefits of Merino wool in Activewear, allowing him to develop materials which have enhanced the quality of his designs without compromising their technical DNA.
With a focus on minimising waste, and emphasising movement and performance, Saul Nash’s modern interpretation of knitwear challenges preconceived ideas surrounding sportswear.