Workwear, Leasingwear and corporate wear are not only used intensively, they also get washed and dried regularly. Even after wearing and washing them frequently, the clothes should not only be clean but also keep their shape and colour. Consequently, the demands placed on industrial washes for workwear are very complex.

Manufacturers and suppliers of workwear can now use a label code for care that has been specially developed for professional laundries. Hohenstein Institutes have developed this catalogue of requirements that can be used to competently assign the symbols according to the articles tested.

The care symbols are based on the standard DIN EN ISO 30023 Textiles – Qualification symbols for labelling workwear to be industrially laundered that was specifically developed for industrially laundered Workwear. Additionally, the test washing procedures are defined in accordance with the standard DIN EN ISO 15797 Textiles – Industrial washing and finishing procedures for testing of Workwear that lists requirements for the machine technology, washing procedure, detergent, and drying procedure.

Certified AMANN products for Workwear and Leasingwear

Hohenstein Laboratories have tested those AMANN products that are relevant for Workwear and Leasingwear according to DIN EN ISO 15797 with regard to industrial washing and drying procedures.

These are Saba, Sabatex, Sabaflex, Isacord, Serafil, Serafil fine, N-tech and N-tech CS, which have received the PRO-care certification according to DIN EN ISO 30023. Now, Amann’s products Saba Recycled and Sabatex Recycled from the newly established Recycled product line have also received the PRO-care certification.