The Fashion Industry is competitive, for sure. In fact, sometimes it happens that a piece of clothing or an accessory meant to be a sidekick of the main collection turns out to be something more: a stand-alone item.

Like AIRBOX, the pre-dryer machinery by Biancalani: at the beginning AIRBOX was born as AIRO®24 sidekick, but it has proven to be a highly versatile machinery that could match any finishing production line.

AIRBOX by Biancalani: an independent finishing machinery

AIRBOX showed that it was not only an aide to AIRO®24 or part of another drying line, but an independent finishing machinery. As it dries well and its dimensions are very compact – but also scalable according to the client’s needs – it can easily be also an intermediate dryer in the washing, printing or finishing processes.

Any Textile sector can be interested in it, from Home Textile to Printing, from Apparel to Terry towel.

AIRBOX by Biancalani is a compact and independent free dryer where the fabric is gently guided through the drying process: it is wrapped and penetrated by air at high speed that dries it evenly, efficiently, and yet gently. The vertical channels inside it are what makes its size so compact, but also absolutely extendable. It’s a key textile machinery for both big and small manufacturers. It’s all about (r)evolutions and being able to spot the potential of an item.