Bed linen represent a fundamental element in our everyday lives. Itema, working closely with leading worldwide bed sheeting weavers, developed an airjet weaving machine specifically designed to reach the highest weaving performances, superior fabric quality and the lowest running costs.

Thanks to the main machine structure optimization, A9500²bedsheeting features brand-new sley drives cams that guarantee a longer dwell leading to no stress on weft yarns even when running at the highest speeds, ensuring optimal weft insertion at the highest speeds.

Core advancement featured on the machine are the Itema exclusive proprietary technology heald frames, Itema SKYFRAME. Designed by Itemalab® in cooperation with Lamiflex – combining aluminium and carbon for superior lightness and sturdiness – Itema SKYFRAME represents one of the main core advancements implemented.

The new pneumatic platform allows a quicker system responsiveness when handling air load and pressure. Moreover, air tanks find their place in specific cavities located in the main machine frame leading to no vibrations and to increased reliability. The main and tandem nozzles have been redesigned to enhance efficiency while reducing pressure to avoiding yarns breakages.

Last but not least, A9500²bedsheeting guarantees cost saving and the best user experience ever thanks to iRTC (able to reduce air consumption and the overruling of incorrect settings), iFAR (that reduces machine downtimes by automatically repair short picks) and the lowered front frame to improve machine accessibility in daily textile operations.