A Step Ahead in Storage Feeding


BTSRBTSR launches Unifeeder, an innovative solution that overcomes the state-of-art of yarn storage feeding technology. Dedicated to the socks, hosiery and knitting textile sectors it represents a new concept multi-patented system featuring the new Yarn Antitwist System and able to allow a total combined yarn feeding and storage control.

New concept working principles such as the BTSR patented “Yarn Anti-twist System”, the Anti-Gravitational Floating Ring and the Output Constant Tension Self-Adaptive Technology represent radical product innovations bringing unique benefits in terms of production quality and repeatability (constant size, yarn misplating and breakage prevention,..)and of unlimited styles programming. All in one single device the Unifeeder technology includes input yarn breakages and knots detection control as well as yarn tears compensation, providing real-time machine stop signaling and preventive needles breakages, yarn waste, secondrate production. Unifeeder provides advanced functions such as the “Yarn Graduation Compression” capability (i.e for technical textile applications, sock leg, seamless,..) and offers the possibility to measure real-time the yarn consumption (LFA) and self-compensate its variation (i.e. due to fluff accumulation in the yarn finger,..). This all in one device features minimized size and weight (up to less 50% then traditional storage feeder), thus allowing the simplest and costsaving installation configurations (i.e. single ring,.. ).

This plug and play solution, features minimized size and weight, allows low energy consumption, unlimited styles programming possibilities, advanced display for easy data setting and monitoring.