Saving Energy and Water in Washing


tonelloTonello’s research team developed a new ozone washing system. Low consumption for a pure denim look without changing the whole plant. With ECOfree Tonello reduced the water consumption up to 80%, cutting down dramatically processing time and water treatment costs, saving energy at the same time.In the ECOfree system, the ozone is dissolved in water to clean it from the indigo during enzyme wash, considerably reducing the number of baths. It also makes it possible to run the bleach process in a way that is both safe and eco-friendly. Unlike standard ozone processes, with ECOfree pure indigo look and greater contrast on the seams are granted. That’s why that, in some cases, ECOfree can avoid stone-wash processes, making safe and healthy the working environment. ECOfree advantages can be summarised as follows: 50-80% reduction in water consumption, depending on the process used; shorter processing times; lower water purification costs; lower energy consumption; eco-friendly cold bleach process with control and reproducibility; pure Indigo Look: greater contrast on the fabric; completely safe for the operator. ECOfree is also highly flexible: it just needs a Tonello washing machine, which can also be used for the washing and stone-washing cycles.