Loris Bellini: a new era for yarn dyeing

Pulsar, the innovative technology for dyed yarn that guarantees energy savings and a reduction in water consumption and extraordinary chemicals

Loris Bellini presents itself at ITMA with its full line of dyeing machinery and drying wire, including Pulsar, the innovative technology for the dyed yarn that guarantees an extraordinary energy saving and a reduction in the consumption of water and chemical

It was back to the year 1949 when Loris Bellini, Albano Bellini and Armando Formentini decided to look forward to the future and joined in what – seventy years later – would become one of the best-known companies in the world for the construction of high-quality yarn dyeing machines: Loris Bellini.

Today, despite so many years have passed, the philosophy of commitment and dedication in creating cutting-edge products for yarn dyeing remains unchanged in the company: Loris Bellini continues to pay maximum attention to the product, still entirely engineered and built in Italy, as well as to after-sales service.

Innovative for tradition

«At Loris Bellini – says Luca Formentini, partner and head of the company’s sales office – we firmly believe technological evolution is the only true driver to move ideas towards ever higher levels of perfection and efficiency, regardless of the cost to get them. Our history is full of milestones that have contributed to making known the name we proudly bring today. Starting from the introduction of the “air pad” system in 1961, passing through the world debut of the first RBNO horizontal axis dyeing machine during ITMA Milan in 1983, a continuous innovation has always followed, culminating in 2014 with the introduction on the market of the new Pulsar technology for yarn dyeing in cones». With this machine, Loris Bellini will present himself at ITMA Barcelona’s 2019 edition, where it will show its complete line of yarn dyeing and drying machines.

Lower operating costs and greater environmental respect

The Pulsar machine is the result of over four years of intense research and development activity, as well as in-depth field tests carried out by the internal engineering department of Loris Bellini. «If compared to our “conventional” technology, now present on the market in its various evolutions for over sixty years – underlines Formentini – the new Pulsar guarantees an impressive 70% electric saving, as well as reducing the consumption of water, steam and chemicals between 20% and 30%. Speaking of electricity, just think that a hypothetical machine with a capacity of 1000 kg of cotton (or any other material) requires a circulation pump of just 30 kW, while a conventional machine for the same capacity requires a pump of at least 110 kW. Moreover, the new liquid circulation system allows – thanks to a completely revised and innovative hydraulic circuit – easily repeatable and of the highest quality dye results. It should also be remembered that with the new Pulsar technology it is not necessary to modify the standard dyeing cycles, which have always been used for traditional machines, especially as regards the time required to complete them».

To date, there are more than 150 Pulsar technology machines installed worldwide. Although initially it was born exclusively for dyeing yarns and yarns in cones, this solution amply demonstrated that it is also suitable for dyeing wool tops, as well as yarn beams. Pulsar is also compatible with the ARSP Loris Bellini quick pressure dryer, an exclusively designed system for drying bobbins after bleaching or dyeing.

The control system that can be connected to a dyeing supervisor

The Pulsar machine is equipped with a control processor entirely developed in the Loris Bellini laboratories, through which it is possible to automatically manage every aspect relating to the operation of the machine. This processor called “Leonardo PDT” – already adopted in its previous versions for other machines produced by Loris Bellini in the last thirty years – was designed to facilitate the tasks of the end user, thus maximising production efficiency.

The company firmly believes that the technological evolution is the only true driver able to move ideas towards ever higher levels of perfection and efficiency, regardless from the cost to get them

In fact, Leonardo PDT automatically adjusts the flow rate of the bath through the material to be dyed, depending on the dP (differential pressure between inside and outside the cone) present at a given time, usually the initial cycle. This automatic function occurs through the regulation of an inverter which – in turn – manages the rotation speed of the main circulation pump.
The internal memory of Leonardo PDT allows, among other things, the recording of a potentially infinite number of processes; thus it guarantees every cycle a perfect repeatability of the dye or any other process it is intended to complete.
Leonardo PDT also has an RJ45 network port through which it is possible to connect to the “Galileo” dye supervisor, which Loris Bellini sells separately according to the needs of each customer.

To date, there are more than 150 Pulsar machines installed worldwide

«The Galileo system – explains Formentini – is normally installed inside a desktop device directly in our laboratories and supplied together with the licenses necessary for its use. Through Galileo it is possible, from a remote position, to monitor the most relevant functions of each dyeing machine connected to it. In the complete version, there is also the possibility of organising the productive operations of each machine daily (scheduling), as well as managing the connection of a possible automatic dosage of colourants and chemicals supplied by third parties. Finally, Galileo can be perfectly integrated into any superior ERP management system, to guarantee the possible basic interconnections of an Industry 4.0. Regarding the process controller, it is necessary to remember that Pulsar is also compatible with the most well-known devices designed by third parties and available on the market».

Always closer to the customer, with the local after-sales service

«If technological innovation is the only engine capable of moving ideas forward – states Formentini – we believe that after-sales service is the only element capable of further strengthening the name of Loris Bellini on the market. Nowadays, customers are not only looking for efficient, high-level products, but also for reliable suppliers who deal with those products once they are in operation at their facilities. Our short-term goal is therefore to provide a local, quick and well-organised after-sales service, able to assist all customers seeking assistance in the immediate vicinity. Some of these local services are already available today in the markets that we consider most strategic as Italy, India, China, Turkey and Pakistan, but we are working to extend this philosophy to other countries as well, in pursuit of our current corporate strategy».

Where to find Loris Bellini at ITMA 2019: Hall 2, Booth B201