Centric 8 PLM version 7.3 by Centric Software debuts three new modules as well as enhanced 3D, product inspection and project management capabilities. An all-new engineering change management module supports automatic computing of change impacts, reducing manual work and empowering users in their go-to-market decisions and strategy.

The new Packaging Proofing module empowers teams to develop, interact, and proof copy and artwork right in Centric PLM to ensure compliance of product packaging or to give it that wow-factor.

It often happens in the product lifecycle that you need to make a presentation to stakeholders. Now you can create presentations directly in Centric PLM rather than pulling data and images from PLM to create them in Microsoft PowerPoint or similar.
The new project feature, designed for companies that follow a project-based rather than seasonal approach, groups products from different product families with different lifecycles together for a single market launch. Visibility over multiple products at once empowers better decision making and successfully brings products to market on time while minimizing the risk of errors.

Additional process options enriche the Final Inspection module: more flexible workflows, enriched reporting and defect analysis roll-ups for deeper understanding of the root causes and potential solutions of quality issues.
Centric’s 3D capabilities are enhanced with Rhino file type connectivity for hard goods, Footwear and Accessories, as well as the addition of Conversations in the 3D viewer enabling comments for a collaborative 3D workflow.