Zannier Childrenswear Chose Lectra’s 3D Solution


LectraFrance’s foremost childrenswear group Zannier chose Lectra’s 3D virtual solution. Zannier produces over 55 million pieces for their 19 own-brands and 5 prestigious brand licenses (such as Junior Gaultier and Paul Smith Kids), sold at over 1,300 of their own stores and 10,000 points of sale worldwide, with 80% of garments sold outside France.

Zannier Group’s Lyon-based Dauphitex site houses design, product development and pattern making. The challenge is to fulfill the requirements of this very particular market segment while continuing to innovate and meet the demands of both children and those who purchase on their behalf.

Lectra’s 3D virtual prototyping has allowed designers and pattern makers to communicate in a new way, which means the creative process has been enhanced as team collaboration has been streamlined. «Lectra’s 3D prototyping allows us to anticipate and reduce the amount of physical prototypes needed», says Pascale Bouyeure, head of the product development office.

Lectra’s 3D virtual prototyping solution has given Zannier a great advantage in terms offuture planning and control and become an essential tool for mastering fit, a major issue in childrenswear. «Even if we are high-end, in today’s economic climate, we are very careful about the final price; consumers are looking for value. In childrenswear especially, parents buy for utility as well as trend and aesthetic», explains Virginie Perrier, Zannier Creative Division Director.