Giblor’s, from Specialists for Professionals

They dress chefs, catering, wellness and health and care professionals. Roberto and Loris Giberti are the two brothers leading Giblor’s, their family driven company that since 1977 manufactures professional clothing
Roberto and Loris Giberti
Roberto and Loris Giberti
Roberto and Loris Giberti, founders of Giblor’s

«Giblor’s – explains Elisa Rovatti, communication manager of the company – was a craftsman’s shop with adjoining small workshop. A craftsman’s shop making and selling shop coats and overalls, with Rosanna Corradini taking care of style and Gianbattista Giberti caring the trading activity. Day after day, the passion and precise will of both founders, of sons Roberto and Loris built the company. They started on a door-to-door service in the neighbouring areas, through order acquisitions and finally, since the mid Nineties, in their own style and design department with their first collections. Since 1977, the small company turned into an international enterprise that operates with pride and determination in the global market by challenging competition all around the world. We decided to aim at two basic features: quality and style. Our collections start from the selection of yarns, go through the insight and flair of our style and design department to end with the care for details, ranging from seams to button lining. Giblor’s style is unique, featuring Italian fashion design, inspired by the surrounding environment that saw its growth and development: the Carpi region, an area that goes hand in hand with productivity and creativity of Made in Italy fashion

A Product Made for Professionals
Cannavacciuolo«Materials – Elisa Rovatti adds – range from top quality 100% cotton to high tech fibres such as DuPont’s Teflon fabric protector, an innovative material featuring water repellency, stain and soil protection, a quick drying process; or Tencel, a special fabric that stays brightly white after many washings. Of course, our main target are professionals in different sectors; not surprisingly we proudly dress some well-known chefs, like Massimo Bottura and Antonino Cannavacciuolo, as well as the full staff of Alma, a leading international educational and training centre for Italian Cuisine founded by Gualtiero Marchesi. Professional clothing has its own rules. Safety is the departure point, followed by practicality of function: a garment has to be flawless, even after many washings, it should dry quickly, be comfortable and ergonomic. To meet these requirements we developed number of techniques: AirWeb, an innovative perspiring wing-shaped flap that allows freshness, Flexfit system, an exclusive design with the aim to allow movements fluency thanks to side vents. On top of it, Giblor’s fashion design meets the demand of style and personality in clothing».

An Artisan Matrix

«Our garments – states Elisa Rovatti – originate from specialists’ engagement and the taste of our designers; however, daily inputs from our experienced dealers and important clients are also part of the game. Listening to their needs and requirements is essential to our style and design department; once the right solution has been detected, our know-how, creativity and the special attention paid to fashion trends get in the game. Just to give an Giblors-Chef Style-Giacca Stefania-14P08G467-Tortoraexample, last year we introduced natural materials and shades, like hemp coloured linen to meet the growing demand of the horeca sector asking for a style that goes hand in hand with the philosophy of number of new vegetarian/vegan or bio-oriented bars and meeting places. Accordingly, in order to comply with the bursting personality of so many young emerging chefs, in the last few years we introduced new shade variations beside classic black and white, such as dove gray, charcoal gray, and this year the Ivano chef jacket with pistachio green pull-out buttons. Our artisan matrix is the most delicate point: smaller handmade details distinguish Giblor’s clothing, such as hand stitched buttons on a jacket named after Massimo Bottura, with the chef wearing it on every appearance, and mainly in the kitchen of his Osteria Francescana. Obviously, industrialization is part of our manufacturing process, from plotting to automatic cutting; however, it all starts from a hand drawn cutter master that goes through various manually controlled stages, from checking of coded seams to fitting, to the prototype».

In Italy, all around the World… and on Tv

«Giblor’s turnover – she finally says – reaches 8 billions Euro. Our factories in Europe employ approximately 120 people, while management, sales, administration, the buying office, style and design department, planning and logistics departments are headquartered in Carpi with nearly thirty employees. Giblors-Horeca-Camicia Roberto-15P01N448-MalvaExport covers approximately 15% of our turnover. This percentage is increasing in 2015, as we concentrate our efforts and investments on it. We export all around the old world, while actively moving to Eastern and Northern Europe and to the Baltic area as well. We are acquiring a Giblors-Horeca-Casacca-1590-Biancoclientele in Middle East, South America and Russia. A network of wholesalers and dealers sells our products. Further, we are the only company in this industry to count on our own franchising network with nearly 20 points of sale in Italy and a pilot showroom in Carpi. The network is complemented by over 50 highly reliable dealers. Overall we count more than 800 dealers on the domestic and international market. In our opinion, communication is the central point. This is our second season as a sponsor of the television series “Cucine da Incubo” (Kitchen Nightmares) broadcast on the Sky network, presented by a testimonial of ours, the dynamic Antonino Cannavacciuolo. From September we sponsor the new television series “Il pranzo della Domenica” (Sunday Lunch), on air Sunday mornings on Mediaset network, with the Alma staff, again an important partner of our company. We proudly support number of initiatives, among which the nice Refettorio Ambrosiano project (Ambrosian Refectory), strongly pushed by another exceptional testimonial of ours, Massimo Bottura. It is a special canteen that all along Expo 2015 will feed 90 poor people, recalling the theme of the event: feed the planet while feeding as many people as possible».