Universal Dyeing Machine for Laboratories


TecnoramaShakerama is a new system for dyeing laboratory samples, designed and produced by Tecnorama to complete its range of automatic dyeing machines. This machine is particularly suitable for dyeing knitwear and fabric made of all type of fibers: natural, artificial and synthetic.

Thanks to the electric heating system, it is possible to reach a max temperature of 142°C, while the cooling system is made by means of a forced circulation coil with water.

The name Shakerama introduces the dyeing system “shaking” the liquor and the textile material at the same time, similar to the working concept of the Jet and Jet-Flow dyeing machines used in bulk.

Shakerama dyeing machine has been devised to form part of the well-known Dos&Dye Compact system, in combination with Tecnorama multi-pipette dispensing machines Dosorama models, thus it works completely independently and automatically.

For a full automation of the whole dyeing working cycle, this system particularly consists of:

  • An automatic system for opening/closing dyeing units.
  • Automatic loading/unloading of the textile material.
  • Automatic draining of the dye liquor.
  • Heating and cooling operations, controlled by dedicated software.
  • Dispensing of dyestuffs and chemicals, part of dyeing recipes, directly and automatically into the dyeing units.
  • Other chemical products dispensing during the dyeing processes.