Mario Crosta

Stronger and Stronger in Technical Textiles


CROSTAMario Crosta, leading manufacturer in the field of finishing and textile finishing, extended its expertise in the field of technical textiles. The exploration of these alternative articles began with the supply to a Indian University of a line laboratory for the treatment of medical products, implementing coating and laminating of light substrates. This has created a new structure of research designed to develop new-concept hospital items; but it also sparked some interest on the subject, an interest which led to the sale of lamination machines for the furniture industry and automotive.

Much attention has been paid to create easy to use models, but even easier to maintain; all the details are designed so as to be easily disassembled and reassembled, thus facilitating all the operations of preventive maintenance. A strong commitment has also been addressed to a further standardization of modules, with the aim to reduce costs and speed up delivery times.

The application of the latest studies in the field of electronic energy saving made the company receive the green label “sustainable technology”. At Itma the company will present the latest model of hotmelt laminating machine, optimized and simplified in its parts, studied for implementing a very rapid change from gravure technology to multiroll, in order to ensure the highest flexibility processing, without affecting the costs of downtime. The new geometry of the passage fabric also allows a processing free of stress, thus solving the problems of non-uniformity, typical of the lamination of knit and lightweight fabrics.