Speed and Stability Get Higher


BRAECKERThe redORBIT ring by Bräcker is a cost-optimized solution for the system “ring holder and supporting ring” that allows increases in speed and production, higher stability in traveller running, reduction of yarn breakage, consistent and improved yarn quality, no thermal damage when processing synthetics, cost saving design of ring, ring-holder and support-ring, optimum heat conduction traveller to ring, optimal price/performance ratio thanks to optimal material combinations. The redORBIT is Bräcker’s answer to the Chinese market’s requirement for a ring offering low hairiness combined with attractive IPI values at elevated operating speeds.

The Bräcker Opal® ring answers the demands of today’s fast paced spinning industry, where the spinning mills have to work with very tight cost control, whilst adapting quickly to the ever faster changing markets.

The Bräcker Opal® is custom-designed and suitable exclusively for Chinese ring spinning frames, it produces the best possible yarn quality, it does not require a special running-in time, it offers high productivity from the very installation of the ring, it features an attractive price/performance ratio, it is designed for a lifetime of about 5 years and corresponds to Swiss Bräcker quality parameters.