A Tale of Accomplishments in Textile Finishing


BIANCALANIAiro®, washing drying and softening machine was conceived and introduced by Biancalani s.r.l., Prato – Italy, about 25 years ago. The machine mixes mechanical action and air action to treat fabrics (woven and knitted) at very high speed, offering unique finishing results.

The endless possibilities offered by a machine that proved to be inherently defect-free on any fabric, soon allowed the name Airo® begun to indicate a treatment type that is characterized by an uncomparable combination of softness, drape, volume, dimensional stability, elasticity and sewability, known as “Airo Hand”, certified by the “Airo®Hand” label program.

Through the years Airo® underwent constant improvements and innovations, and in the last years has been further expanded and broadened, giving rise to the new open-width continuous Airo®24 drying and softening machine, now the most important member of the Biancalani family. This “continuous tumbler” is capable of results perfectly equivalent to what could previously be obtained only in batch-mode machines.

Due to its high efficiency and flexibility, Airo®24 contributed to further expand the presence of Biancalani in the textile market, particularly in the areas of home and technical textile (terry towel, curtain fabrics, bed linen, upholstery, man-made leather, non-woven, workwear and uniforms).

Biancalani is about to release new products and patents that will allow the company to widen the horizons of textile finishing.