Monti Antonio

Compact and Easy to Use Solutions


montiMonti Antonio offers complete solutions in the field of calenders for thermo printing, dedicated to all users, from small companies working on garments pre-confectioned, in pieces or even in rolls (model 120T), to international customers with high requirements of performances and at the same time with the need of compact and easy to use solutions (model 855).

Model 120 T – Small and versatile calender equipped with frontal table, ideal to thermo print rolls and garments before confection, combined with small and economical plotters. This machine is mounted on wheels, agile to relocate if needed and of immediate use. Main data: cylinder 200 mm diameter, width 1300 mm (actual working width 1150 mm).

Model 855 – Calender with frontal table for large productions, compact and highly performing, ideal for roll to roll, roll to piece, sheet to piece, sheet to roll. Main data: cylinder 500 mm diameter, width 2200 mm (actual working width 2000 mm).

Each Monti Antonio machine is equipped with the MONTI PLUS system, which greatly optimizes the machine parameters in real time, to balance and increase quality and performances.