Higher Productivity, better ROI


santexFollowing on from the successful Santex Enairsave heat recovery system, Santex have further developed the area of energy saving with the new ESC (energy saving chamber). From the outside the Santex ESC chamber looks just like a standard Santashrink heating chamber, but internally the air is handled in a completely new way. Whereas Enairsave is mainly used on Santashrink Jumbo or Super Jumbo dryer and is focused solely on saving energy, Santex ESC is also designed to increase productivity.

Standard energy saving devices use hot exhaust air to preheat the incoming fresh air through external heat exchangers. Santex ESC however uses the hot exhaust air to directly preheat the incoming wet fabric. Efficient use of energy is ensured through cycling of air in the ESC chamber. The effectiveness of the ESC can be identified through reduced exhaust air temperatures at the exit. With a Santex ESC chamber at the inlet of a dryer, and depending on exhaust air temperatures, an increase in productivity of between 15% to 20%, and a similar range in energy saving, can be achieved.

The ESC can be supplied either with standard Santashrink manual filters, or integrated within the automatic lint cleaning system of the existing dryer.

The nozzles in the ESC have been specially developed to further increase dryer productivity.

On request the retrofit Santex ESC chamber can be supplied with an automatic lint belt cleaning system to work independently of an existing dryer with manual filters.