New York-based Nativa, controlled by Chargeurs (operator of Chargeurs Wool USA, wool-processing facility in the USA) has announced the launch in the United States of the Nativa Regenerative Agriculture Programme – Nativa Regen – in partnership with the Oregon-based farm group Shaniko Wool Company.

Nativa Regen: the aim

Nativa Regen target is to improve soil and water quality and protect biodiversity while helping brands reduce their carbon footprints and reach their sustainability targets. Brands creating garments with wool produced under the programme will be committing to supporting regenerative farming practices as well as farmers and communities.

Brands and farmers participating in the programme will be able to claim a double Nativa/Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) certification that guarantees sustainable practices from farm to finished garment. Backed by blockchain technology, the certification proves commitment to transparency.

We look forward to welcoming US-based farmers and brands to the programme and supporting them as they transition to regenerative practices.Federico Paullier, CEO of Chargeurs Luxury Fibers


Shaniko Wool Company oversees 9 farms across 4 states and was the first US wool producer to receive Textile Exchange RWS certification. As a participant in the Nativa Regen programme, the company has received the first dual Nativa-RWS sustainability certification.

With the launch of Nativa Regen, Chargeurs Luxury Fibers is able to manage both the sourcing and initial processing of traceable, certified Nativa wool in the country and ensure brands can take advantage of the low-carbon benefits associated with local production in the USA.

Nativa collaborates closely with farmers worldwide, including in Australia, Uruguay, Argentina and, now, the USA, as well as with leading research institutes, universities and environmental sustainability pioneers such as Quantis.