China recently launched the platform called ‘Reborn-China Fibre Zero Carbon Action 2023—Sustainable Textiles Credible Platform’ in Shanghai to identify sustainable textile products. This marks one of the industry’s significant steps to practice the ‘dual carbon’ strategy.

26 enterprises have signed up for the platform.

Supervised by the department of consumer goods industry under the Ministry of industry and information technology and the Suzhou Market Supervision Administration, the platform will be jointly run by China Chemical Fibres Association and the National Advanced Functional Fibre Innovation Centre.

The world’s largest producer and consumer of chemical fibre

Urging the industry to strengthen the promotion of green fibre products at the launch ceremony, Duan Xiaoping, Vicepresident of the China National Textile and Apparel Council, called for accelerating construction of the platform to guarantee consumers’ confidence in buying green products.

The Ministry of industry and information technology is working to establish China’s recycled fibre standard certification system, and as part of that, is guiding and supporting the establishment of the platform, official Chinese media reported.

China is the world’s largest producer and consumer of chemical fibre, a crucial raw material for the textile industry. A complete waste textiles recycling system to achieve zero old clothes waste also needs to be established to tackle the waste-related pollution and ensure a steady supply of raw materials for the production of green fibers, Duan said.