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Quality assurance by means of yarn clearing


Falcon_i_Sensing headLoepfe Brothers Ltd. presents its novelties in the field of optical measuring processes ensuring absolute precision in the detection and elimination of faults in yarns. YarnMaster3N1&1N1 (Open end), integrated with three sensors, combines conventional clearer functions for diameter, an F-sensor for detection of foreign matter and a P-sensor for detection of synthetic foreign matter, irrespective of the yarn color. It has a sensing head integrated with one sensor for diameter measurement. The 3N1 & 1N1 can communicate with any type of OE machine control and the Graphical User Interface provides comfortable access to all functions and reports. Yarn clearing is activated by setting classes within the clearer matrix using the touch screen. The length and deviation limits of the classes can be set individually within certain limits. Repetitive quality stops or longer faults can be blocked for particular rotors. This covers the range of yarn counts from Nec 3 to Nec 60, with maximum spinning speeds up to 400 m/min. Detection of yarn contamination by polypropylene, polyester and other synthetic matter is possible irrespective of the yarn color. Foreign matter detection is performed from all sides allowing permanent detection of all foreign fibers. The second technology, WeftMaster Falcon-I, (in the picture) introduced in 2014, is an optical yarn defects sensor and an important innovation contributing to knotless weaving fabrics. All conventional knot detectors have limitations in terms of size of yarn defects or knots to be detected. Installing the Falcon-i yarn defects sensor solves the problems faced in manufacturing high-tech fabrics, such as elimination of smallest knots, fluff or even filamentation from the weft yarn.

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