Flexible and performing, even with hybrid yarns


Allma_TechnoCorder_TC2With interesting developments in FlexiPly and the new 830 mm spindle gauge TechnoCorder TC 2 by Allma (Saurer Group) offers new application opportunities in the field of hybrid yarns.

The two-for-one double twisting machine for industrial yarns is characterized in particular by its high flexibility. Self-sufficient spindle technology enables individual settings for each spindle; the separate spindle drives are set via integrated IPC at the control cabinet. FlexiPly enables the creation of new constructions with innovative hybrid yarns used in industrial textiles to offer new properties. Hybrid yarns can now be produced in a more economical way on this machine than it was previously on ring twisters.

The TechnoCorder TC2 is extended by a larger spindle gauge and thus with gauge of 830 mm is more flexible for processing of coarse titers. Titer spectrum from 235 to 33,000 dtex on one machine is unique. High end premium yarns in extremely sensitive materials or coarser items can be easily produced in top quality, economically and flexibly on this innovative twisting machine. With the new winding unit, especially compact yarn packages can be produced in top quality. The TechnoCorder TC2 with delivery speed of 450 m/min is also a very fast twisting machine. Innovative process monitoring systems, optimum run of thread and gentle, low-tension thread guiding are the guarantee for quality yarns. The new section structure has a perfect ergonomic design that offers a particularly high level of comfort to users during operation.