Portuguese Malhas Sonix is Awarded the STeP by OEKO-TEX®

Malhas Sonix

Malhas Sonix In March 2015, Malhas Sonix S.A. became the first company in Portugal to be awarded the STeP by OEKO-TEX® certificate for its Sustainable Textile Production. Malhas Sonix is a manufacturer of high-quality leisure and sports clothing as well as jersey nightwear and underwear for men, women and children. Established in 1965, the company now employs 230 staff and manufactures around 200,000 items of clothing each month, 90% of which are exported to European markets. The company’s own knitting mill and dying plant at the Portuguese factory enable the company to be extremely flexible when reacting to customer requirements. Additional production locations as well as international production partnerships in Asia and Africa ensure that the demand is constantly met. In doing this, Malhas Sonix feels obliged to support the same traditional values and focus on innovation as the company founders. This primarily includes the desire to offer the very varied group of customers optimum product quality with modern diversity.

Malhas Sonix has also created an additional, and constantly expanding, presence with the provision of labour services in the areas of dyeing and finishing. State-of-the-art machinery and constant optimisation of the production processes ensure efficiency and competitiveness, which according to João Ferreira, CEO, is ultimately important with regard to competitors in the Far East. Malhas Sonix achieved Level 3 in the SteP scoring, which is the highest assessment level granted to companies with exemplary implementation of the required criteria (Best Practice).