Outlast Goes Digital


A lot of participants along the textile chain already know that the innovative Outlast® technology was originally developed for NASA to protect astronauts from temperature fluctuations in space. But how do PCMs actually work, how can they perform best? What is the difference between proactive Outlast® fabrics and traditional materials? The answer to these and other question is on the films Outlast offers for brands, manufacturers and retailers in different languages. The new Outlast® films can be watched on the YouTube channel “OutlastTech” (, and they can also be found on the company’s website (

Available in English, German and French the videos were structured in a modular way broken down to the following subjects: General, Apparel, Bedding and Footwear. «It was essential to us that each product group can quickly identify with a video of interest», says Barbara Fendt, Director Marketing at Outlast Europe GmbH, Heidenheim/Germany. «Bedding products are associated with different environments than footwear or apparel – also bearing in mind that our technology, of course, offers pleasant comfort for all fields».