Officine Gorgeri

Family Tradition Made for the World


gorgeri1Relying on a solid experience and family tradition, Officine Gorgeri in the last years has intensified its investments in the design and in the usage of the latest technologies, in order to be able to propose high reliable products, which meet the particular requirements of its customers. All this has made such plants interesting and competitive on the world market, pushing the export to countries such as South Africa, USA, South America, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Poland, Turkey, etc.

The company is now able to supply machines and plants for: opening and blending for the nonwoven production, for artificial fur production, for the open end spinning, for greasy wool, for special fibres; opening, cleaning and blending for the woolen and semi-worsted spinning; opening, cleaning and blending of small lots; cleaning, blending and automatic feeding of cards for the production of tops. The production program includes all the machines and accessories, which are  part of a modern blending plant, including the latest technological developments such as: bale openers with or without  electronic weighing pans; beating machines and step cleaners; different types of openers suitable for the opening of any type of fibre; different oiling systems; blending bins with automatic movable bin emptiers; automatic storage boxes with lower movable slat conveyor and stationary bin emptiers; different systems for the filling of the blending bins, from pneumatic systems to the gravity systems; automatic systems for the feeding of the cards; components of the pneumatic conveying system; blending systems with hopper feeders with electronic weighing and weighing silos.