Our trump card is research

Innovation and experimentation trace the path of a historic company from Biella specialized in the design and construction of complete machine systems for the preparation of textile fibers to spinning
Tecnomeccanica Biellese staff. From left to right, Mario, Marco, Paola, Stefania and Luigi Ploner
Tecnomeccanica Biellese staff. From left to right, Mario, Marco, Paola, Stefania and Luigi Ploner

Founded in 1968, Tecnomeccanica Biellese in all these years of intense activity has created a solid know-how in all sectors where loose fibers are processed and in the field of aspiration and dust removal technologies for premises, machinery and fibers, with automatic filtering systems and dust packaging. It is well-organized, starting from the design and construction of all its components up to the production of systems that are developed according to the needs of its customers. Current production includes textile-fiber mixing systems and textile aeromechanics, opening machines, automatic cells for textile-fiber mixing, dosing systems and mixing systems for plastic scraps, automatic card feeding, aspiration and recycling of by-products and filtration automatic stations.

Focusing on research

A fiber detector designed and built by Tecnomeccanica Biellese

The offer is wide and at the highest technological level, but to do something about the physiological decline of the textile industry in the old world, new applications and new markets must be found. «We are constantly looking for new technologies, – explained Mario Ploner, son of founder Giuseppe and manager at Tecnomeccanica Biellese along with his brothers Luigi and Paola – without invading others’ territories. We had thought to change the industry, but we noticed that in every other sector we could attack there were already consolidated excellences which operated in a context of market stagnation. So we decided to take advantage from the know-how gained in these years to find new outlets in the areas we already preside. Such as the construction of a machine capable of producing insulating sleeves of seamless needled basaltic fiber, which means that they wrap on themselves during needling. In collaboration with one of our customers and end users we have presented a project on invitation of the poles of innovation funded by the European Community in order to create an alternative and more efficient system than the needled products currently veiled that are made from a flat sheet and must therefore be welded.

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