From distrust to success

An innovative liquid dosing system consisting of a single-tube capable of reaching all dye factories’ machinery. Welcomed with initial distrust, today it is a market standard that can significantly reduce waste
Lawer assembly department in Cossato, in the province of Biella
Federico Ormezzano, managing partner at Lawer

Lawer is a company from Cossato (BI) specializing in design and construction of machines and automation for the textile industry. Founded in 1979, today it is known throughout the world for a great innovation that is now a market standard despite being initially welcomed with distrust because of its being at the forefront of technology: the liquid dosing system consisting of a single-tube that reaches all dye factories’ machinery. Since then Lawer has installed more than 2000 systems and dosing devices, that have helped making more rapid, safe and clean working in color kitchens of dye factories, in textile printing and finishing throughout the world.

In fact, – explains Federico Ormezzano, Lawer partner – we have finally imposed on a distrusting market our single-tube system, because the dyers feared that incompatible chemicals and different colors passing through a single tube that connects thirty or forty machines, interposing washes, would pollute the colors and damage the dyes. We have however insisted in proposing our technology, which has dispelled any doubt and concern thanks to the validity of our solutions. Such as valves and seamless joints that are the heart of our single-tube system, which we have developed and produced in our factory in Biella with extreme attention to quality». Today Lawer holds 80% of this market. An advantage that has not been exhausted, despite the initial patents are now expired, thanks to continuous refinements of the product industrialization, made possible by the large figures that the company from Biella is able to manage, which allow it to propose its own systems at a much lower price than in the past, without affecting quality, point of reference since ever.

Reducing waste

Lawer assembly department in Cossato, in the province of Biella

Automation proposed by Lawer for dye-works doesn’t consist much in reducing personnel, but in decreasing waste and increasing quality. «Today dye factories – points out Ormezzano – tend to deal with non-skilled staff for non-skilled jobs such as loading and unloading dyeing machines, with obvious wastage due to the fact that an inexperienced operator tends to put more product quantity, when he doses by hand, to be sure not to damage a dye. Within a year, waste has a big final weight on the cost of millions of euros of chemicals and dye colors that a big dye factory deals with. Automation also allows controlling every stage of the process, tracing the operations from one machine to another, having the necessary data required for ISO certification: these are the reasons that have led Italian and European companies to invest in our system, which has helped to lower prices and improve competitiveness».

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