Marzoli is a leading European supplier of textile machinery and components for short-staple fiber spinning. Born and grown in one of the most important European textile districts, during its 160 years of activity Marzoli has worked in synergy with the most important yarn and fabric manufacturers, maturing unique competences for the implementation of solutions that have been exported worldwide as benchmarks of efficiency, flexibility and quality. In 1999 Marzoli joined the Camozzi Group, a successful reality that comprises 13 brands and operates in 75 countries. Under Camozzi Group’s guidance, the production facility at Palazzolo sull’Oglio has been modernized with the installation of highly efficient lean manufacturing assembly lines and the company has been reorganized along the principles of Total Quality Management. Marzoli today represents the perfect fusion between mature expertise and dynamic competence, know-how and experimentation. The company offers leading-edge spinning solutions for short-staple fibers through the full line of machines and innovative software platforms for the optimization of the entire spinning process. Marzoli is an international reality with two overseas subsidiaries and a worldwide sales and service network. With active clients, many of whom are well-known industry leaders, in over 70 countries, Marzoli is the perfect partner for any spinner willing to differentiate along the lines of productivity, efficiency and quality.