Torques up to 20,000 Nm: Lenze has enhanced its g500 gearbox series substantially. With the new two- and three-stage helical, bevel and shaft-mounted helical gearboxes, the Motion Centric Automation specialist is opening up new areas of use as the cast iron gearboxes provide twice as much torque as the previous range of Lenze products.Three different types of gearbox suit various applications and all have an efficiency level greater than 94 percent. The two- and three-stage versions of the g500-B bevel gearboxes can be space-savingly integrated into machines to deliver finely stepped ratios up to i=360 and torques of up to 20,000 Nm. The two- and three-stage versions of the g500-H helical gearboxes achieve torques of up to 14,000 Nm with a ratio of up to i=370. The new g500-S shaft-mounted helical gearboxes are particularly distinguished by their slimline design, whereby the two- and three-stage versions achieve 19,000 Nm with finely stepped ratios up to i=500. With these greater levels of performance, Lenze is now continuing what it has already achieved for the smaller g500: the transmission of speed into torque in the most intelligent and appropriate way possible. The gearboxes are designed so that motors do not have to deliver as much energy as before, the reason being that the three new types of gearbox generate much lower losses. Whereas energy efficiency is thus increased, the degree of self-heating is reduced – ultimately leading to an extended service life. And when it comes to energy efficiency, the m240-P and m550-P series motors of energy efficiency class IE3 are available, making the entire geared motor into a highly efficient working unit. In addition, the new gearboxes can be combined with Lenze Smart motors to create intelligent, application-oriented packages as well as with the company’s inverter-optimised MF motors and MCA- and MCS servo motors.