Marzotto and Ratti Groups selected 35 Engineers for internship and possible recruitment


On October 19th, 2017, Marzotto Group and Ratti devoted a day to their “Engineers Project” at Ratti’s headquarters in Guanzate, near Como, Italy. The project is aimed to bring together the most brilliant Italian engineering students to select a number of them and offer them a six months internship and, after that, to eventually hire them definitively.

This year, more than 700 students from all over Italy have responded to the call of Marzotto and Ratti groups, to find the 35 to be recruited through the collaboration of Monster, an important online recruiting company and partners in this project. The 35 selected applications come from mechanical engineering, logistics, management and textile engineering courses.

The day has been dedicated to getting to know the business reality through the visit of production facilities and ending with individual talks to select the best talents. After a 6 month paid internship for the group’s knowledge and training to acquire the skills required, young engineers will be recruited and included in the Group at the Valdagno, Guanzate, Biella, Bergamo and Sondrio factories.

«We are proud of this project launched every year since 2010 – it’s the comment of Marzotto Group – because new generations are fundamental to us and are one of our goals to contribute to their professional growth. More than 50 engineers selected over the years have had the opportunity to take advantage of specific training and many have already acquired important positions within our companies».