Macpi produces machinery for the textile industry: specifically, the company develops and creates technologies for ironing, fusing and stitch-free

Macpi manufactures highly sophisticated automatic units for stitch-free, complete lines for intermediate and final finishing of jackets, coats, jeans, knitwear, pants, shirts, automatic machines for seamless applications and special units for industrial laundry and fashion logistics.

Professional ironing and pressing machines are studied and manufactured by Macpi for the Garment Industry and major fashion houses. Each machine is made from customized shapes according to the customer’s need.

In the area of stitch-free technology, moreover, machines are designed for the Clothing and Accessories sectors. An innovative process that compared to traditional stitching gives the garment more comfort, cleanliness, and water resistance. Garments obtained by heat bonding are particularly suitable for sport activities where there is direct contact with the skin.

Products and technologies at ITMA

Hall H14 – Booth A108

At the ITMA booth will be the new knitwear ironing dummy model 314, the new thermo-adhesive carousel model 516.37, and the heat-sealing machines model 336.59T and 337.02NRS.

Knitwear ironing dummy model 314

Target Audience and Services

The company caters to a clientele consisting of brands and subcontractors that develop custom designs and machinery. From the best Italian tailors to large-scale industrial production, from the most innovative brands in Sportswear to luxury accessories.

The company now has more than 10,000 international customers of the most prestigious fashion houses distributed in 100 countries, with about 200 total employees on the 3 sites in Palazzolo (Brescia), Vigevano and Shanghai.

With more than 60 years of experience in Made in Italy, Macpi has been working for years with the most important brands on the market with high standards of quality and innovation, as well as sustainability, safety, customization and flexibility – exploring new markets through direct offices and excellent after-sales service.