Lectra and Les Enphants together to help new designers to grow


LectraOver 30 fashion design students from the Shanghai Institute of Visual Art took part in the competition launched by Lectra, the integrated textile technology manufacturer, and Les Enphants, the Shanghai based apparel company, to develop new childrenswear designs.  The challenge was officially launched in September 2015. Design Managers and Purchasing Managers from Les Enphants conducted classes, helping students carry out market research on upcoming childrenswear trends and define their design direction and style while providing creative guidance. Lectra’s design solution Kaledo helped the students bring their design ideas to life. The submitted designs were then evaluated by a panel of industry experts, followed by an awards ceremony recently hosted by the event sponsors. These designs will then be used by Les Enphants and even have a shot at appearing in the Shanghai 2016 autumn/winter fashion show, where they will be highly publicized and showcased to a wider audience. With the newly implemented two-child policy, China’s market for children’s products is expected to boom, with childrenswear becoming a major source of growth for fashion companies.