Lasers take top spot. In 4 steps


With its latest releases, Laser Blaze K1 and K2, Tonello offers its customers an authentic beauty treatment for all types of fabric, with an advanced, intelligent system that offers 4 practical advantages.

  • User-friendly software.

The latest Tonello software has an even more modern, attractive interface. Making your production process smoother, helping you control your machines and guiding you through the composition of each project. With new applications available, laser treatment is now even simpler and easier, more rapid and precise.

  • 4 work positions.

The Tonello laser can treat the garment in all 4 positions of the manikin: front, rear, right and left. Which means you can complete the design on every part of the trousers, giving them a genuine, naturally worn look.

  • Constant graphic-design assistance.

Tonello offers graphic assistance and guidance: helping you solve any production problem, explaining, suggesting and creating special designs and graphics for laser technology.

And you can of course request customized, targeted solutions.

  • Optimization of work times.

Engineers in the Tonello team have intervened on two fronts to optimize production.

They have eliminated down time for those who use the Sliding Table system, and have radically reduced rotation and input-output times for Manikin users. All to the advantage of productivity.

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