F/W 2014/15: back to the future

“Beauty Will Save the World” is the motif that will dominate the F/W 2014 season. In September the best made in Italy presented its main trends at Milano Unica

«In 2006 a survey conducted by The Economist accused the Italian textile-apparel industry of “whining” to Brussels in order to obtain protective measures to keep alive, through intensive care, an industry doomed to extinction in this part of the globe. In their opinion, except for a very small segment characterized by high end and exclusive quality, the Italian textile industry was “doomed to extinction”. Thanks, first and foremost, to the commitment and sacrifice of the industry’s entrepreneurs and their employees, fortunately for us and for Italy, things worked out differently and their predictions were proven wrong», said Silvio Albini, President of Milano Unica, at the opening ceremony of the Milan event.

From 2008 to date, the Italian textile industry has managed to keep the entire supply chain intact despite the shutting down of businesses and reduction in the number of jobs. The supply chain still represents the true added value of the Made of Italy sector, focusing on innovation but never forgetting traditional roots.

Silk and its allure

Innovation is the keyword that has always described the choices of Setificio Bocchese 1908, starting from specialized skills and focusing on tradition. Since its foundation the company’s work has been concentrated on silk, starting in the Twenties from spinning and twisting, moving on to high level silk weaving in the Fifties. The new “Winter Silk®” collection (an original idea and registered trademark of Bocchese 1908, born in 2011) lights up the warmth of cashmere with the shine of silk, with the unique Artico fabric, an experience of light and softness, delicate to the touch and available in a multitude of options, that range from jacquards to the most sophisticated melanges.

“Denim loves silk TM” blends silk with other noble fibers to create a multi-form denim, not just casual but refined and elegant, with a sophisticated modern allure, made exclusively in Italy. But the real novelty is the certified gold thread embroidered in the silk denim, similar to the ancient Japanese Kintsugi* technique. In this case, the gold thread unites with the weft of the denim, enhancing it while allowing it to maintain the advantages of an easy care fabric.