Flexible Ironing for Any Kind of Garment


PonyPony recently launched its latest innovation in pressed shirt-finishing. Twins shirt-finisher is easy to use and to install. Thanks to its hot-air recovery system it allows an output of 100 pieces per hour with low steam consumption, therefore with a real and tangible energy saving.

Despite its great performances, this machine features minimal encumbrance, thus being easy to transport and to install everywhere, since it can pass through a 90-cm wide door with a few expedients. Its operation cycles are very quick, resulting in a very high output, but at the same time it ensures Italian finishing quality for details. This machine widens an already large range of professional finishing equipment developed for all kinds of garments, from outerwear to trousers and shirts. Pony ironing tables, with their innovative and ergonomic features, offer valuable solutions for finishing and underpressing. For spotting operations the choice is between steam-spotting units and chemical-product spotting units. Pony aims at quality and reliability, since 1958.

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