Fifty Shades of Indigo


biancalaniExtremely dynamic and rapid-changing, yet still conservative and profoundly rooted into history and tradition, the world of denim fashion is always looking for original ways to assert its strong identity and personality among the consumers’ multitude of tastes.

The increasing demand for garments characterized by locally differentiated areas (versus the “common” washed look), such as multiple color shades or selective abrasions usually obtained with brushes or other mechanical devices, has strongly influenced the way denim garments are produced, in many cases shifting the “characterization” from the garment stage to the fabric finishing.
And not only esthetic, but also functional characteristics are given to the fabric, which need to be maintained in the final garment, such as soft touch and perfect dimensional stability, particularly important when dealing with stretch fabric.
The continuous open-width AIRO®24 from Biancalani, with the combination of its powerful yet finely adjustable mechanical action and the physical effects of the temperature, allows to dry and finish the fabric delivering permanent softness and an effective homogeneous compacting action, both in warp and weft direction, which can be controlled by varying the working parameters of the machine. After Biancalani AIRO®24 treatment, if a flat surface is desired the sanforization process can still be applied, or the fabric can simply be treated with steam and handed to the garment makers.

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