Fila Museum Foundation Celebrated a New Display


Fila MuseumA special event celebrated at the end of April the new display at the Fila Museum Foundation in Biella: a journey into the factory and in the history of a brand started from Piedmont in 1911 and landed all over the world. Founded in 2010, the Museum now a new face, thanks to the design of the interior designers of CReA Laboratori d’Interno, which allows visitors to relive the brand and its strengths from the start today, through an experiential itinerary, inside an imaginary factory. The goal is to give emphasis to the production process, starting from the idea to the final product. Divided into two areas, the courtyard and the factory, the Foundation is covered by the wire conductor of innovation, which from the beginning has distinguished the stages of the brand, and that led to important developments of materials, design, search for details and solutions. The visitors can see the first t-shirts worn by Adriano Panatta and Björn Borg, the technical garments used by the climber Reinhold Messner, the ski suits of Alberto Tomba and Ingemar Stenmark, and the ones used by Giovanni Soldini during the solo Atlantic crossing by sail, the 90s basketball shoes samples and a lot of other material, garments, video, pictures and more. We are proud to present the path that Fila has done in 100 years – Marco Negri, vice president of Fila Museum Foundation, explained – In 2014 we presented the book The Fila Story, which tells the company adventure. Today, thanks to this exhibition, we can walk through the history, inside the factory”.