Ecommerce Grows Steadily in Italy


valore ecommerce italiaEcommerce in Italy is still growing: the value of online purchases of Italian will reach in 2015 to16.6 billion euro, with an increase of 16% compared to 2014, for a value of over 2.2 billion euro.
«The sectors that drive this growth are tourism (+14%), Information Technology and electronics (+21%) and clothing (+19%), but also bublishing (+31%) and, finally, the emerging sectors such as food & grocery, the furniture and home living and the beauty», says Alessandro Perego, scientific director of the Digital Innovation Observatory at Politecnico di Milano. «The penetration of ecommerce reaches 4% of total retail sales, but we are still far from the main Western markets (France, Germany, UK and USA) where ecommerce has reached prevalence levels up to four times higher. The road to transform commerce in a real habit of purchase is drawn from the main players: a need to improve the performance of so-called basics, ie range, price and service». In the clothing segment high fashion products continue to be determinants purchases.

The data have been presented by the eCommerce B2C Observatory promoted by the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano and Netcomm last October.