A Democratic, Surprisingly Italian Prêt-à-porter

Kor@Kor, the made in Italy brand inspired by Ciro’s and Luigi Murolo’s business vision, strongly rising in the Italian fashion landscape, focuses on becoming a worldwide leading player in the affordable luxury segment
Luigi Murolo kor@kor
Luigi Murolo, Ceo, Milano Fashion Srl, owner of the Kor@Kor trade mark

A sharp eye on modern, contemporary-chic women, on what they like, on their behaviour inspires Kor@Kor collections, showing a total look based on the concept of an internationally oriented, affordable luxury. Luigi Murolo, Milano Fashion Srl CEO, talks with us about it.

Can you explain the features of the Kor@Kor brand? What’s the reason of the name you chose for your brand?

Kor@Kor is an internationally oriented, cosmopolitan brand name with a peculiarity: the @ sign, taken from IT and the Web, has been chosen to strengthen the concept of a cutting edge, continuous innovation that inspires a designer’s research. There is a strong, sophisticated, well-defined attitude, inspired by the concept of affordable luxury with a view to a premium positioning. We carefully style the details of our collections and offer a wide range of shapes, shades and styles to meet the most demanding expectations of contemporary-chic women, who are our target. We aim at combining the sophisticated Italian made to measure and the minimalist French casual wear. The facts so far prove us right.

Luigi Murolo kor@kor
Luigi Murolo, Ceo, Milano Fashion Srl, owner of the Kor@Kor trade mark

What previous experience gave birth to your project and which is the basic professional competence you refer to?

Our entrepreneurial background is based on skills acquired and shared with my father Ciro in over twenty years of business in the fashion industry, mainly through the manufacture and distribution of leatherwear, still a plus value of all seasons in our company. Kor@Kor started in 2012 out of our passion for this industry and the willingness to give life to an ambitious and far-sighted project aiming at offering sophisticated, high quality women wear collections with a focus on pricing.

What kind of consumers are you inspired by and what are you offering them?

Young, independent, charming, purposeful women, globetrotters up to date on fashion, new trends and lifestyle, women who like food, sports, the Web & hi-tech, as well cinema and theatre, reading, and so on. All different and just because of that they are an even more charming source of inspiration. Kor@Kor looks closely at them, at their behaviour, their ideas, their habits, their emotions and style likes and dislikes. Aged from 20 to 35/40 years (a rather wide range in my opinion), they are driven by passion and enthusiasm, they are sensitive, eclectic, innovative, ready to fight and winning in their life and in their job. Each time we try to invent for them a fine, sophisticated wardrobe, easy to wear the whole day long, from a business lunch to an aperitif with friends or a special evening out. In fact, our total look includes clothes as well as accessories, like bags, belts, hats and gloves.

Let’s talk about Kor&Kor collections. How many styles per season?

Each year we plan 300/350 styles per season. Our creative staff includes fashion designers, graphic designers and stylists. The Legal Headquarter of our company is in Milan, the beating heart of Italian fashion, the Operating Office is in Bologna, at Centergross, with branch offices in Southern and Northern Italy as well, to monitor the manufacturing process of our products, all strictly made in Italy. From one season to the other the mix & match of our outfits proves minimal-chic and elegant, neatly cut, with carefully selected details, so as to become an iconic, essential “must have”.

You then focus on made in Italy items. How is your manufacturing chain organised from garment design, to fabric selection, to production?

Collection garments stand out with the unrivalled excellence of the made in Italy style that differentiates all steps of the manufacturing process, from fabric selection to creativity, to the actual production. Beside skilled staff, the company relies on selected contractors, mainly located in Central Italy, who can guarantee efficiency, productivity and advanced technology.

Which is your company’s strategy and target this year?

The competitive advantage of Milano Fashion management relies on a flexible structure while being strongly customer oriented in all its business fields. In 2015 we will consolidate our business on the Italian market defining the working team of the agents who manage the territory. At the same time we continue to develop our business on the international market, driving customer penetration on existing markets and reaching new cooperation agreements in new regions.

What about your distribution strategy? In which countries do you sell and where do you intend to expand your business?

Our business strategy aims at selling Kor@Kor garments to top Italian and international multibrand boutiques through business partnership agreements with top agents and dealers in this industry. Beside the domestic market we sell in Germany, Portugal, Benelux and Spain. Far East markets (China, Korea, Japan) are the next priority of our brand.

Which marketing and communication tools do you use? Do you prefer traditional channels or are social networks also part of the game?

Brand awareness is growing thanks to a targeted marketing strategy that exploits all online and off line communication channels. Our communication campaigns focus on the search for a concept that can transfer the elegance of our product, making it more widely perceived and desirable. The appeal of our shootings and their strong visual impact are basic elements of our customer oriented marketing strategies.

We have also conceived an innovative project of digital communication & social media to communicate and enlarge the community of fashion lovers and fashion professionals. Our new Website shows the Kor@Kor multi-faceted universe, making the most of the brand’s strong points: Collection, Boutiques, Identity. Official accounts of Instagram & Facebook platforms (that is Korakor_Official and Kor@Kor respectively) ensure a wide circulation of the brand’s value at a social media level, while adopting extremely customized and locally developed strategies.

by Maria Pia Longo